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About us...

     Hey! Ola! 

     If you are reading this it means that you just might be experiencing a little life crisis right now, just like the two of us.. whether it’s work, relationship, life stresses or just stress in general, we understand! We have been talking about writing this blog for so long that even that is now causing us to stress over its acceptance, actual anonymity and aesthetic!! Regardless, the best thing about us sharing how we experience it is that once it is out there, it no longer impacts our troublesome minds and little hearts :) That’s our goal for Sassy Damaged Goods, a place where you can relate with our struggles, share your stories (we have a whole section dedicated to you if you want to share something with us – AND you don’t even have to tell us your name!) and face this big bad monster that is Mental Health  – the only thing we ask is: speak your truth and be kind. This is not a place to have a go or hurt anyone.. just a safe place to share your feelings with no judgment… A community, but definitely a sassy one!

     We are C and D, cis females born in the 90s! We have been friends since 5th grade (the big 2000!) and our friendship story is actually pretty cute (check out our first posts that talk about our friendship) and we are currently living 11,414 miles (18369.052km), but are closer than ever!

     We have both been through some tough sh*t and there is no end in sight, so we decided to share our experiences, perspectives, funny outcomes and overall story with the world to connect with other people and feel connected with our own issues as well.

We hope that you enjoy, cry, laugh, share, subscribe, support, participate and come on this journey with us! Stay sassy!



C & D x

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